Game Review- Super Mario Galaxy 2

I am doing a book review on a game called Super Mario Galaxy 2. The first thing I am going to talk to you about this amazing game is the characters. My favourite character is Mario. The reason why I like Mario is because that I like his fighting skills. My favourite fighting techniques for Mario is the spinning move. The next thing I am going to tell you about the game is the transformations. I love when Mario transforms into a rainbow Mario. When Mario turns into a rainbow Mario that means that he is in invincible and he can beet anyone that comes in his way! My second favourite transformation is the fire Mario transformation and the reason why I like the fire Mario transformation is because I love to blast fire balls at the bad guys.

 I like the missions because when I play a new level I am so excited about whats coming next like what is the next challenge and whats the mission! I love the scenes and back grounds. It is so cool when there is new colours in the sky! My favorite battles are with bowser and Jr bowser. I like to battle with Jr bowser because I love making stuff like swords, computers,weapons and shields so I think me and Jr bowser has a connection because Jr bowser makes things to destroy Mario. This game is for all ages so get ready to be amazed when you get this game!!


My Backyard

Hi my name is Stephen and I am going to tell you about my backyard. I like my backyard because it has open space. me and my brother and dad always water the plants every Saturday morning. But sometimes we don’t because maybe it’s raining out side or we just want a break from hard work. Somtimes when we are done watering the plants me and my brother play soccer in our backyard. In our backyard we have a pare tree.

 Somtimes I try to climb my pare tree and fall down. In my backyard we have tomatoes, egg plant, cucumber, green onion and carrots. In my backyard I have baroque and we also have a kazemon. I like my backyard because when it snows I always go outside and try to build a fort or I try to build a snow man. I have seen many backyards that have more plants then me or it’s more decorated but I think mines is better in my heart.

Interesting Facts About Lions!


What I am going to tell you is going to make you very excited. The first heading is shelter.  lions find there shelter under trees or bushes.  If lions hide under trees and branchs they can survive the hottest hours. Lions can use trees to hide from there predators like hyenas. Lions can run 50 miles per hour.  That speed can almost catch up to a car. Almost every animal is a lions pray such as hippos, antelope, fish, elephants and zebras. The way lions catch there pray is that they go to a hiding spot and when the pray is close they run after it with its big jaws and kills it.

They survive by hunting groups.  The mammal protects the pride and the lionness which is the girl hunts for food for the pride so they can survive. The reason why male lions guard the pride is because they are very strong and have sharp teeth. Why are lions endangered?  The reason why is because people keep killing lions and taking there bones away.

The reason why I like lions is because I like there abilities and there strength and speed.  Lions are my favourite because when I was young I use to watch a movie called Lion King and it really inspired me about lions.

By Stephen A.